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Intractable Chronic Illness

You have been living with this health issue for far too long. Treatments are either non-existent or worse than the disease itself. Whatever it is, regular migraines, IBS or something without a clear diagnosis, you have seen a constant decrease in your quality of life and a growing despair to ever find something that will help.

Overwhelmed by Stress

You are stressed. Every day, every hour. Work piles up. You are getting angrier and angrier and you never seem to be able to relax at all. Your health is starting to deteriorate and you know deep down that stress is eating you away.

The Best Time in Your Life.

That’s it, you are pregnant! It’s a time of happiness and a time to make plans for the future. You should be feeling happy and blossoming but somehow your experience is far away from what you imagined it would be. The ‘normal’ pregnancy niggles are becoming big issues but you don’t want to use medication to protect your unborn baby.

Welcome to Sabine Acupuncture

At Sabine Acupuncture,

We don’t treat a disease…
What matter to us is how your quality of life has been affected by your symptoms.
Whether your condition has a name or not, whether what you experience is considered ‘normal’ or not, you will find the support you need to deal with what you experience as a problem.

…We treat people

Because we look at you as a whole person, we can make sense of all these seemingly disconnected symptoms. Each treatment is specifically tailored to you and will change as your condition evolves. And because your treatment is only one hour out of many, we also talk about making choices in your daily life that ‘nourish life’ and consistently improve your experience of life.

Close to the A66, our office in Stockton on Tees is conveniently located for people looking for acupuncture in Middlesbrough, acupuncture in Stockton on Tees or any of the surrounding areas.

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