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How to increase your fertility


When it comes to getting pregnant, no two journeys are the same. Some women get pregnant at the first try whilst others may find than months or years go by before getting the elusive positive pregnancy test. Some women find they are struggling to get pregnant altogether whilst other struggle even though they’ve already have one (or more) child.

Chinese Medicine has a unique way of looking at the body. An analogy to describe how Chinese medicine is approaching fertility is often used and that’s the one of planting flowers in a garden.

When you are planting flower seeds, you need to prepare the garden and the soil so the conditions are the right ones for the seeds to grow. So, you might remove the weeds, turn the soil and add some compost.

Then, in order to get some beautiful flowers, you want to choose the seeds well. It’s likely that the dried out seeds that have been lost at the bottom of the cupboard for several years won’t give you the same results that fresh, good quality, healthy seeds you’ve just bought.

And then once the seeds are planted at the right time in the year, you want to water then, protect them from frost etc… until they have started to germinate and grow.

In Chinese medicine, we are looking at how well the garden is doing. Are there some weeds that needs to remove or do you need to fertilise the soil? That’s our constitutional diagnosis.

We also look at the seeds. Are these healthy seeds or do they need a bit of TLC? That’s when we work on the quality of the eggs or sperm, trying to ensure that they are the best quality possible.

And then you want to control the climate. Check there is enough water but not too much and so on. That’s when we balance the internal temperature, check there is enough nutrients going to the uterus etc….

There are some simple things you can do at home to ensure that the environment (the soil, the climate and the seeds) will be the best ones to allow the seed to grow into a beautiful flower.


–          Have sex regularly, especially during your fertile window

Ovulation usually occurs around day 14 but if your cycle is longer or shorter, ovulation will happen later or sooner. The best time to have sex is the day before or on the day of ovulation so tracking when you are ovulating can be helpful. You can use an app to track your cycle, use ovulation sticks or follow your temperature chart (BBT chart) to give you a better idea of when you are ovulating.


–          Look at your diet

Having the right diet will make a big difference. It will help ensuring the soil is top quality for the seeds to germinate. Some foods are known to be causing problems. Coffee, alcohol, sugar and RAW and/or COLD foods are better to be avoided or eradicated. A balanced diet with vegetables, proteins, carbohydrates and fats will promote the right environment.

Some supplements can be helpful too. Vitamin D or CoQ10 are involved in the development of the egg and hormones. Seeing a nutritionist or functional therapist is the best way to find out which supplements will be beneficial for you.


–          Lifestyle hacks

Smoking, alcohol and stress all have a negative impact on fertility.

Smoking has been shown to delay conception and to reduce live birth rates in IVF cycles. It damages the egg and the sperm.

Stress is associated with a lower number of follicles and poorer outcome in IVF cycles. This is why it is so important to have some inbuilt system in place in your week where you will be able to de-stress. 15 mins a day spent doing something you really enjoy can make a big difference. You can look at this post for more ideas.


–          Have some acupuncture

Acupuncture can help you relax and reduce your stress levels as well as ensuring the environment is the best for the egg/embryo to develop.


Over to You

If you would like to optimise your chances of getting pregnant or if you have bee trying for a while, and wonder how acupuncture could help you, just give me a call on 01642 694063 for a free 15 mins consultation and I’ll be happy to answer your specific questions.


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