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So the weather seems to get a little bit warmer and the daffodils are now passed their best. Spring is well on its way and with a bit of chance, we will see the first signs of summer soon.


In Chinese Medicine, Spring is associated with the Wood Element. Wood is a very active energy with a forward, outward and expansive movement, an explosion of rebirth and vibrancy. It is time for progress and to get moving with new project. 

Whereas Winter was the time of the year to go back inwards and to consolidate what you had learnt or done, preserving your resources, Spring is the time of the year where you should stretch yourself and start new endeavours.


Spring is the season of the Liver (the organ associated with the Wood and Spring). The Liver is responsible for the free flow of energy in the body. When constrained, Wood is the energy of anger and frustration. Inflexible wood will quickly break when it’s stressed. Likewise, flexible people are better able to handle stress and take life’s bumps and bruises in stride whereas anger can make us hard and unbendable. 

As Spring is associated with the Liver, it is also the best season to review of our diet and give it a nice boost and cleanse. It is also associated with the colour green and with our eyes.


So, on a more practical point of view, what can you do to make the best of Spring?
1-     Start a new project. Whether you are thinking of doing some much needed home improvements or if you want to make some life style changes, now is the time to do it. The energy of the Wood will help you planning your project and most importantly to carry it out.
2-      Eat plenty of green vegetables such as green beans, broccoli or spinach and avoid sugary foods.
3-      Work on your flexibility, with your muscles (why not trying Yoga?) but also with your mind. Try to be assertive (not angry), flexible (not rigid), and remain engaged with our eyes on the important people and projects in your life.
4-      Keep your energy flowing by taking on a physical activity. This doesn’t need to be one or two hours of a very energetic activity. A 15 minutes walk with the dog or a gentle exercise such as Yoga or Tai Chi can be just as efficient.
5-      Go outside and get in touch with all the changes that Spring brings.
And most of all, ENJOY!


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