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Researchers don’t know what really causes migraines even though we do know that it involves changes in the blood flow in the brain. There also seem to be some sort of genetic component involved too as more than half of the people suffering from migraines also have a family member who is a sufferer.


Research shows that acupuncture is effective at treating migraines. A new researchshows that acupuncture is efficient at reducing pain due to migraines. Research also shows that acupuncture is better than drugs and that it has somelong lasting effects (maintained improvement over a 3 years period).


Diet has an important factor to play. Alcohol and coffee can both trigger migraines and so are strong spicy foods. But trigger foods can be different from one person to the other and you really need to check if any other foods such as cheese, chocolate or some fruits such as citrus fruits are also a trigger.


Reduce STRESS in your life. Granted, this is not as easy as it looks but finding some time during the day, every day, to do an activity you enjoy is a very good start. And if you are happy with that, you can also try yoga, TaiChi or mediation to release all the stress accumulated during the day.


Exercise helps releasing stress which can be a strong contributor to migraines (and headaches in general). Moderate exercise routine is usually enough.


Sleep and good quality sleep is essential. Be careful to go to bed early enough (10.00pm is a good time) and avoid going to bed after midnight.
Migraines can be particularly painful and can render a patient unable to participate in daily activities or go to school or work. Acupuncture can offer powerful relief with very few side effects.
Acupuncture treatments are customized to each patient’s needs by working with the patient to determine their headache profile, migraine triggers, optimal diet and the most effective treatment approach.
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