Why Is Diet So Important For Fertility?

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  There is something uniquely painful in trying to conceive and seeing the dreaded period come again and again. There is a heart-sinking feeling with each period. It is being resentful and angry at seeing friends or family members all getting pregnant around you, seemingly without any issue. And there is the stress from the… Read more »

The Secret Of A Healthy Life

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  There has been a recurring subject coming up recently in my clinic. One about self-care. Whether you want to have more energy, be more relaxed or less anxious, the first step is often to start looking after yourself better. Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it. Whether you are working long hours as a… Read more »

Are You Ready For The New (School) Year?

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  We are now mid-September and there’s still this feeling of the new (school) year floating around. Like a lot of people, I am starting this year with plenty of good resolutions mainly because I am starting a new course this September, learning about nutrition. I know that a full-time Master Degree course and still… Read more »

5 Steps To Live Anxiety Free

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  If you struggle with anxiety, if it’s getting in the way of your everyday life, stopping you from enjoying the things around you, then you are not alone. Our modern life is full of stresses. From random acts of violence, politics or the impact of the environment on ourselves and our health to the… Read more »