You have been living with this health issue for far too long. Maybe you are suffering from IBS, recurring bladder infection, Chronic Fatigue or fibromyalgia. Maybe you have an auto immune condition. Maybe your condition doesn’t actually have a name as such or your GP is struggling to understand why you are feeling unwell. Whatever the reason, you have noticed a clear decrease in your quality of life.

Most people will have gone to see their GP, and then often, have also been send to see a consultant. You may have being given some medication such as painkillers, antidepressants , antibiotics or other pharmaceutical. And maybe you have found that they helped little or are worse that the disease itself!

Now you are just sick of the suffering. You are dreaming you have your ‘normal’ life back and that you have started to enjoy again the simple things you used to do, without having to plan around your health problem. You are getting desperate that you’ll ever find a treatment that will work.

You want to find ways to be in control of your health problem rather than being controlled by it and you are actively searching for methods or therapies that could help you.
However, with so many messages out there, you feel overwhelmed and you aren’t quite sure what would be best for you. You might already have tried dietary changes, herbal supplements, exercising and more.

The drawback with most of these approaches is three folds:

First of all, they are usually centred on treating a condition with little or no attention to you as a whole person.
But the same illness (such IBS or fibromyalgia) will never ‘express’ itself exactly the same way in everyone. To get maximum impact, you will need an individualized approach that will take into account these differences.

Second, they put a strong emphasis on alleviating the symptoms. This certainly a really important point but if the root cause of the problem isn’t addressed too, it means you become dependent on the drug/herb/therapy to keep symptoms at bay, not so good if you are experiencing side effects. Or you will see the problem resurfacing again and again as it can be the case with migraines or recurring bladder infections.

Thirdly, in most cases, the ‘real’ cause of our ill health is coming from our lifestyle. Eating the wrong type of foods (for you!) or going to bed too late at night, for example, weakens the immune system and make it much harder for the body to recover from any illness. With chronic or recurring illnesses especially, it is essential to look at how you are living your life so you can be at the best place possible for your recovery. Unfortunately, this is usually overlooked.

There is another way.

Treating you as a whole person means your overall health is getting better instead of having just one symptom reduced.
And because we will look at the root cause of your chronic health issue, we will ensure that it will not come back again and again.

But perhaps most importantly, by looking at your diet and lifestyle, we will be able to find what is really making you feel so unwell. You will have a set of tools that will help you recover and look after yourself, a set of lifelong tools that will be specific to you and your circumstances.

Imagine that someone can guide towards a better quality of life. Wouldn’t that feel great?