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The onset of winter means one thing, you are bound to pick up a cold bug at some point. Germs spiral out of control over the winter and before you know it you’ll be reaching for the tissues and drinking a cup of hot lemon. Try to avoid colds this winter if you can and follow these tips for some general advice.

  • Wash your hands regular: Good hygiene helps to prevent the transfer of cold and flu bugs so make sure you wash your hands on a regular basis. Colds spread due to direct contact with people and you can pick up germs from everyday things you touch on a daily basis. Carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser with you during your travels and this way if you can’t find a place to wash your hands with soap and water you’ll still have a way to keep them free from germs.
  • Eat healthily: A good diet can ward off germs and bugs so make sure your menu is chocked full of vegetables and fruits that are packed with vitamins. Make alterations to your diet if you have to and reassess the types of food you are eating at the moment. There’s nothing wrong with the odd naughty thing every now and again just make sure you balance things up with healthy food that’ll give your body all the nutrients it needs to fight germs and bacteria.
  • Take vitamin supplements: If you think your diet might be lacking in vitamins start taking supplements to top up your system. Packs of multi-vitamins are good, just take one daily, or pick something more specific like vitamin C which is a great boost for the immune system in general.
  • Drink plenty of water and fresh orange juice: Get into the habit of drinking a large amount of water to help purify and cleanse your body. Pure orange juice is great as well, it’s packed with vitamin C and good to drink at breakfast, lunch or any time of the day.
  • Stay warm: Keep as warm and as dry as can over the winter and avoid stale air-conditioned environments as well. If you look after yourself during the cold and flu season there’s less chance you’ll catch something nasty that’ll wipe you out for days.

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