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How many diets have you been on in the past that didn’t last for a month? Bet there are more examples than you care to mention but don’t feel too bad, you are not on your own and there are plenty of people in the same position.  There are multiple reasons why a diet is prone to failure, some of which are covered in this article.

Lack of appeal – Boring diets are destined to fail, you need to find a diet that holds your interest otherwise how do you expect it to succeed? There are numerous diet plans out there and plenty of healthy recipe ideas that won’t tug at your waistline, look for an innovative diet plan or ways to eat healthier that involve tastier meal suggestions.

Lack of interest – People underestimate what it takes to reach their target weight, they think miracles happen overnight and when they don’t see the results they were hoping for in a short space of time they quickly lose interest in the diet. Set a long term target to achieve your weight loss goals, try to aim for a set amount of weight loss per month and when you see the pounds slipping off this should spur you on.

Too much expectation – Try not to overdo the long term target though, aiming too high can have the opposite effect. Be realistic about the amount of weight you can lose in a month, don’t put too much pressure on yourself because if you don’t make the weight one month this could put you off continuing with the diet.

Lack of exercise – Incorporate some type of exercise as part of your diet as well. Eating healthy helps, cutting out sugars and other fattening foods is crucial but some kind of exercise is required too. Diets fail because people don’t exercise, they think a change of eating habits is enough. Believe me it’s not, you need to work out or find a way of exercising that you like coupled to a healthy eating plan.

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