That’s it, you are pregnant! It’s a time of happiness and a time to make plans for the future. You should be feeling happy and blossoming but somehow your experience is far away from what you imagined it would be.

Maybe you are suffering from morning sickness or heartburn. Maybe you have some back pain that makes it hard to move around or to look after another child. Or maybe you are worried because your baby is breech and you really wanted a natural birth.

All of these are what most people call ‘normal pregnancy niggles’ but they are making you miserable and are stopping you from truly enjoying your pregnancy.

Most women will have asked for some support from their midwife or GP and this might have helped to some extent. But fear of using medication that could harm your unborn baby is stopping you from using any pharmaceuticals for too long. There might actually be no medication that you can safely use. So you are trying to ‘ride it out’ the best you can.


There is another way

Pregnancy Acupuncture

Imagine you could get some support with little or no side effects and no risk of harm for you baby. Imagine that your ‘pregnancy niggles’ go away leaving you free to enjoy your pregnancy.

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine can offer you another way to support you during your pregnancy.

From lack of energy to turning a breech baby, pregnancy acupuncture is a safe and efficient way to look after yourself and your baby. The treatments are gentle and use far less needles than a ‘normal’ treatment.