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If you suffer from annoying allergies then you’ll be all too familiar with the symptoms.  An itchy throat, congested nose and sinuses, watery or swollen eyes, itchy skin and a runny nose are just a few of the irritating symptoms associated with allergies.

If you’re fed up with taking over the counter medication to try to beat the symptoms then why not try some of these natural remedies.

HEPA filters – Rather than constantly trying to cure your symptoms the first thing that you should try to do is take preventative steps against your allergies.  HEPA filters purify the air within a room by filtering out small particles like allergens.

Hypo-allergenic bedding – This one is particularly important if you suffer from dust-mite allergies.  Sickeningly, house dust mites thrive when living in your bed where there is lots of heat, moisture and dead skin cells.  Anti-allergy bedding can keep levels of dust mites low by completely enclosing the bedding whilst ensuring that it remains breathable.

Shower regularly – Not only does showering help to remove allergens from your skin and hair, the hot steam will also help to soothe and clear your sinuses.

Acupuncture – If the energy in your body is not balanced and flowing as it should be it can cause symptoms of illness to arise. Acupuncture can naturally relieve pain by gently using needles to get the energy flowing freely throughout your body again.

Eucalyptus oil – If you’re feeling congested and your nose and sinuses are blocked then eucalyptus oil can provide the relief that you’re looking for.  Breathing in the menthol-like aroma will help to open up your nasal passage and clear your sinuses so that you can breathe easier.  Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a bowl of steaming hot water, put your head over it and breathe in the steamy vapour.

Flush with saltwater – Flushing out your nasal cavity using salt water will wash out allergens and ease nasal congestion.  Neti pots are pots resembling very small watering cans.  They are used to wash the nasal passage out using saline solution.  Most supermarkets stock easy-to-use saline nasal sprays that have a similar effect if you find neti pots too difficult to use.

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