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New Year New You

New Year, New You.


How often have we decided at the start of the year that we will get healthier this year? Probably many, many times and just as often, we have also ‘failed’ to keep up with our new year’s resolutions to lose weight and go to the gym 5 times a week….

So, this year, where should you begin?


First of all, I think it’s worth remembering the Chinese idea of ‘Nourishing Health’ rather than starting to start doing something because that’s what you ought to do (as per the numerous articles appearing at this time of the year). Part of that routine should be to look after our own body so that it works well, keeps us well and makes us feel great. After all, we only have one body!

Below are 3 simple steps to  help you create positive habits that will make a real difference.

1- Fix your sleeping hygiene

It seems a simple problem to fix. Get more sleep.

But actually we are easily getting distracted by the latest film, the Social Media we are on (and its endless browsing of websites we had never heard about!) or the latest game on our phone. And then we often struggle to fall asleep.

This is why a good routine helps. That routine should include

  • Being asleep before 12.00am to get a good restorative sleep.
  • Getting enough sleep. We need 7 hours minimum but some people will need more. If you are feeling tired during the day, long for a nap or feel like falling asleep as soon as you get back home, then maybe you need more sleep than what you are getting.
  • Keep the room cool enough so you don’t overheat during the night.
  • Avoid blue lights (that’s your tablet, phone and any other electronic gadget) at least half an hour before going to bed.
  • Go to bed at about the same time every night.


2- Look at your diet.


There is plenty of advice out there about nutrition and what we should eat. Some of it is quite complicated, involves removing some food from your diet and eating things that you’ve never heard about. Whilst some of that advice is very sound, I have found with my patients that two things really make a huge difference.

  • One is to eat plenty of vegetables. Try and aim to have your plate half filled with vegetables, the more varied the colours are, the better.
  • The second is to drastically reduce sugar. Sugar is a hard one because it’s everywhere as soon as you start buying food that is produced in a factory. Sugar is added to tomato sauce, salad dressing and take away meals as well as, of course, biscuits, sweets etc…. but being mindful of that and planning some snacks during the day that aren’t filled with sugar will already make a huge difference.


3- Take some time off for yourself.


Once in the day if possible, book some time with yourself and do something that you enjoy and makes you happy. This will help reduce your stress as well as help you noticing all the good things that are happening every day. Have a look at this previous post to get some ideas of what you could do.


Finally, some of my patients are finding that getting some regular top ups is another way to ‘Nourish their Health’. They come for a tune up every 6 or 8 weeks, a bit like you would take your car to the garage for a service. When someone is suffering from a chronic issue (such as recurring headaches or digestive issues), this helps keeping the symptoms at bay. And when you don’t have any chronic issues, it helps keeping your body in tip top condition so that you don’t get ill in the future.


Over to you

Is there anything that helps you keep well and healthy throughout the year? What’s working well for you? What are you going to do differently this year?


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