Acupuncture First Appointment – 1h30 

Initial full consultation and treatment with Acupuncture. This will include a full history of your symptoms, pulse and tongue diagnosis and medical history.

Price: £65

Acupuncture Follow ups – up to 1h00

Follow up consultation and treatment

Price: £45

We also offer three different programs to best suit your needs:

Wellness program

This is about YOU and your Well-Being, whether it’s being free from the pain of headaches or finally getting rid of anxiety, we will work together to give you your life back.

With our Wellness program, you will:
  • See a reduction or disappearance of your symptoms
  • Reduce the use of medication (if appropriate!)
  • Establish the root of strong Health for now and the future so your symptoms do not come back
  • Get support to establish good habits that will last you a lifetime
The Wellness program includes:
  • 5 follow up acupuncture treatments
  • Diet advice that works for YOU
  • Lifestyle advice so that you can sustain those results in the long term.
Price: £203

IVF program

This program is very much about getting the best out of your IVF cycle.

Starting an IVF is a huge investment, physically, emotionally and financially if you are doing it privately. So, we want to make sure that you will be supported all the way.

That means preparing the body for your IVF, concentrating on the recruitment of follicles before the IVF cycle itself and then supporting the IVF cycle so you can get the best chances of a successful pregnancy.

We will also deal with any potential side effects of the drugs as well as any emotional strain.

With our IVF program, you will:
  • Increase the chance of a successful pregnancy
  • Reduce the side effects of the medication (eg headaches)
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Get support during the whole process
The IVF program includes:
  • 10 weekly follow up acupuncture treatments, 4 before the IVF to prepare the body for the IVF and the another 6 during the IVF cycle itself, incl 1 treatment on the day of egg collection and 1 treatment in the day of the transfer
  • Diet advice in the run up of your IVF
  • Lifestyle advice
  • Support and guidance during the whole IVF
Price: £405

Well Woman program

As a woman, we are often used to cope with all the disagreements coming with our reproductive cycle. From painful periods to menopausal night sweats, from fertility issues to PMT, these seem to be part and parcel with being a woman. That doesn’t need to be. These are symptoms of deeper imbalances in the body, imbalances that can be corrected with the appropriate treatment.

With our Well Woman program, you will:
  • Regulate your menstrual cycle and hormones
  • See your symptoms decrease or go away completely
  • Get advice that will help you keep the symptoms at bay, for life
The Well Woman program includes:
  • 5 follow up acupuncture treatments
  • Diet advice that tailored to your particular issue
  • Lifestyle advice so that you can sustain those results in the long term.
Price: £203

(All prices valid from 23rd April 2019 and subject to change at short notice)