What sort of support will you get once you have graduated?







This supervision group is a place for all of you who are starting a new clinic.

This is a place to learn, support each other, exchange ideas, try, fail and try again, celebrate successes, ask questions and hope.

It’s a safe place where you can support each other knowing that you will not be judged. Sometimes, you will be sharing stuff that you are scared about and sometimes you will be holding each other as others are sharing their struggles. Sometimes, you will be sharing your successes and your joy and sometimes cheering other participants’ achievements.




At the heart of supervision and mentoring is the idea that you don’t have to go for it alone, that support from peers and a mentor is essential through the first years of setting up in practice.


When I started my practice, I was scared and isolated. I moved from seeing other students every other week, sharing our struggles over essays, deadlines and exams to being on my own in the clinic. I moved from being in the student clinic with support at hand, a supervisor to ensure that the patient was indeed getting appropriate treatment to being on my own, to being solely responsible for the patient progress.

And, of course, during these first few weeks into the practice, patients didn’t come rushing to the clinic either so there was plenty of ’empty time’ with nothing else to do than worry about how I would attract people and whether I would actually be able to treat them.


That’s where supervision and mentoring can make a difference. By joining a supervision group, you will get:

–          A two monthly meeting where you will be able to bring one issue where you need some support

–          A safe place where you can share your trials and tribulations without being judged

–          Connexion with peers

–          A place to talk about patients, clinic issues, treatments, reflect on what is going on and what you could do differently

–          The knowledge that if, in between the sessions, you need support, there will be someone there.

–          Confidentiality


If you would like more information about how supervision works, please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 01642 694063.


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