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I had some issues with fertility and had heard from a number of people and through some research which I had done that acupuncture could help improve the chances of being able to conceive.


I wanted to try acupuncture to see if it would make any difference for me and if it would increase my chances of being able to have a baby.  I believe that through the sessions with Sabine (…) certainly contributed greatly to an eventual positive outcome. Acupuncture is a slow process and whilst the second IVF cycle did not produce a positive outcome, the acupuncture work done for this also helped to contribute to the success of the third cycle.


The treatment is not painful as I had imagined it might be and Sabine is excellent at putting you at your ease. As the weeks went by I was able to recognise the feeling which the needles elicit. I found the process relaxing and I did experience other unexpected benefits from the acupuncture treatment.

(GJ, Yarm)

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