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When I first went to see Sabine, my symptoms had reached a point where I felt I could no longer continue my normal day to day lifestyle, I felt restricted and limited to what I could actually do without triggering any of the symptoms. My condition impacted my life so much that it had reached the stage where I could no longer walk slowly for 10 minutes without symptoms appearing. I would take a ‘rain check’ on any activity that would involve me being outside and exposed to the cold and wind, any physical activity I would instantly rule out, and I would often have to re-plan my day so that I could drive everywhere instead of walking.


When I first decided to try acupuncture, I had already been seeing a consultant for a year and a half. During that time I had tried taking various medications, the majority of which had no effect on relieving my symptoms. I saw the most improvement with the most recent medication I have taken, and although there was an improvement, my symptoms were only subdued and the cause of the problem was not dealt with directly. I would find that the symptoms would still reappear on a regular basis, and by this point I was utterly fed up and sick of feeling restricted. After 3 years of having the condition I had become frustrated and felt extremely stressed by the thought of doing something that could trigger the symptoms. I was willing to try something new and completely different to taking medication, in the hope that there could be the possibility of my condition improving.


I was initially apprehensive about the treatment as I am a little scared of needles; however I was instantly put at ease when the treatment process and the needles themselves were thoroughly explained to me in my first consultation. In reality, I rarely feel the needles when they are first used and once they are in position it’s easy to forget they are even there. All in all I find the treatment to be very relaxing and I often look forward to my next appointment.


As the treatment progressed over the past few months, I have seen significant improvement. I was finding that the symptoms gradually improved in both frequency and severity, to the point where I my symptoms have reduced so dramatically that I rarely ever get them. And even when I do, they are so insignificant I barely notice them.  I also found that I felt a lot calmer and more positive about my condition. In situations where I would previously have felt stressed (which in turn would trigger my symptoms) I was finding that instead I was remaining completely calm and relaxed.


I am now able to do everything a regular 23 year old would want to do. I am able to exercise again, I can get outside and I no longer feel restricted by my condition.

(Hanna Sherwood, Ingleby Barwick)

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