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I am getting really excited about my first FREE talk. Finding ways to get healthier that are working for you is something I always do with my patients. It is part of their treatment just as much as needles are. This time, I want to let people know what they can do for themselves to regain their energy so they don’t even need to come and see me.


During this talk, we will be talking about practical ways of beating tiredness and regaining your energy. You will learn:
  • What and How to eat so you are getting all the energy you need from what you are eating (clue: this is NOT about what you must or mustn’t eat)
  • How and How much to exercise so that you are able to get be both fit and healthy (clue: being fit and being healthy aren’t always the same thing)
  • How acupressure (that’s putting some pressure on specific acupuncture points) can help you (clue: there are no needles involved)
Who is it for:
Anyone who feels more tired than usual and is looking for practical ways to help themselves.
When and where is it:
12th November 2012 at 7.00pm. The talk will be held at Yarm Osteopath, 16 High Street Yarm.
How to join:
Its’ FREE! Book your place now. or you can confirm by telephone on 01642 694063
And don’t forget to share with friends too! See you on the 12th!

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