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The story always starts the same way. As a child, you probably have been told that being selfish is a bad thing. And also very probably that helping others is a good thing to do. So you go in your life trying to support those close to you. It might be your parents, your children or close friends. You want to do your job well too and when your boss tells you that this work needs to be handed out tomorrow and please could stay for another hour to finish it, you don’t say ‘No’ either.

You sacrifice yourself to be able to care for your parents, your children, your work. And very quickly, there is no time left in your life to just look after yourself. You come back home exhausted, do whatever needs to be done and collapse on the sofa. Your health and wellbeing suffer and soon you find yourself complaining of backache, recurring migraines or just plain exhaustion.

The problem is

If you are not healthy, you cannot care for those who need and depend on you.


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To be able to look after others, to do your job well, you need to look after yourself. That means:

Knowing where your limits are energy wise

Overdoing things some time to time isn’t an issue, but do it daily and you’ll soon find yourself exhausted. Deciding how much exercise you are going to do today, if you can tackle the big tidying up of the spare bedroom or if staying at work another hour will really help tomorrow’s presentation, all of those are about measuring your own energy levels against how much energy that activity will cost you. If you don’t have the energy for it, don’t do it!

Eating to right foods and taking the time to prepare them

First thing first, try and eat nourishing foods. Avoid cold/icy and raw foods such as ice cold water, ice cream and raw vegetable like cucumber and lettuce. Slow cooked foods such as soups and stews are always easier to digest. You might even want to try our simple recipe to beat tiredness

Going to sleep at a decent time

so you can feel rested in the morning. Very simply put, you need to be asleep before midnight to get the best rest possible.

Having some time in your day to relax

It’s really just about having 10~15 minutes just doing something you enjoy. For some people it’s doing a bit of gardening, others it’s cleaning the house and for others again it’s listening to music or doing some meditation. Taking time out in the day is essential to reduce our stress levels. It’s essential to restore our energy levels too.


And finally, don’t forget to give as much importance to your health as you do for the ones of others. Make looking after yourself a priority, take the time to do what makes you feel better, what gives you energy so that you can give back to other afterwards.

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